Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heating is the fastest and most expensive way to heat a swimming pool to whatever temperatures you and your family desires.

There are two common types of gas heating for swimming pools, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane (LP). Many residents in Florida are extremely familiar with gas heating because they have lived in other areas where Natural Gas is more prevalent for other household heating and cooking purposes.

Abundant Energy offers a full line of residential and commercial solutions for swimming pool heating with both Natural and LP gas systems.

Again, gas swimming pool heating is the fastest way to heat your pool or spa but with luxury also comes cost. Natural Gas and LP gas costs are continuing to rise and heating your pool with gas can be very expensive.

Many home owners associations are beginning to feel the rising costs of gas currently and are looking to alternatives like solar pool heating to offset their gas bill.

Contact us if your home or community needs to replace their gas pool heater.


Heat Pump

Some homes and communities are not always solar compatible and in order to either reduce their gas pool heating costs or just add heat to a swimming pool an electric heat pump is a great alternative to help you enjoy a warm swimming pool all year long.

Abundant Energy carries a full line of electric pool heat pumps and services all brands.

Salt Pools / Automatic Chlorination

Parents and relatives are always trying to keep their family and children safe. Here at Abundant Energy Inc. we are no different. As consumers we are constantly made aware of obvious ways to protect one another from everyday harm. Buying vehicles that do not roll over easily, gun safety, using pool barriers and fencing, protection from internet predators, using crosswalks even making sure the strings hanging from the blinds are safely cut so our children do not get caught up in them. However, millions of home owners are constantly adding or transporting liquid chlorine to their swimming pools weekly, unaware of its dangers or alternatives.

IntelliChlorMany people don’t know the dangers of liquid chlorine and the affects it can have on their pool, bodies and every day lives.¬†

Other than the dramatic problems caused by chlorine in the article it will also cause:

  • Red Eyes
  • Fading Swimsuits
  • Inhalation and respiratory damage
  • Lessen the lifetime of pool surfaces
  • Shorten the lifespan of some pool equipment
  • Dry irritated Skin
  • Damage to Clothing, Carpeting and even Metal
  • Possibly Death if Ingested

The best alternative to Liquid Chlorine is a Salt Pool. You and your family will swim in a pool that is safely chemically balanced as if the pool water were softened. Just simply add the AutoPure

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