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Ask anyone who owns a pool if they think swimming pool heating is an option and they will tell you no, but it’s too expensive to heat with gas or electric pool heaters. Not with solar swimming pool heating. Over the last 20 years we have compiled and examined our data, the fact is, the majority of our customers helped us determine that the majority can tolerate swimming in temperatures around 80 degrees, but are comfortable when the water is much warmer. Solar swimming pool heating can make this possible for your family. 

Swimming Pool Heating Season is Year Round

As you can see by the temperature chart to below the average swimming pool temperatures in our major Florida markets are only tolerable, in the low 80’s, for a short time in the summer. If this 144 days is your swim season, what happens to the 221 days. This means nearly every season in Florida is pool heating season. 

swimming pool heating season

We understand that many people seeking out a solar swimming pool heating system or electric pool heater have moved from a colder climate. Well you are not alone, this also includes the owners of Abundant Energy Inc. We understand that it is natural to be conditioned to only swim in the summer time when the pool is naturally warm. Fortunately THIS IS FLORIDA! The vision of palm trees and white sandy beaches that vacationers refer to as paradise exists here nearly all year long. By installing a solar swimming pool heating solar energy system from Abundant Energy, your pool will be open for enjoyment all year long.

Unheated Pools Are Costly

You cannot close down your pool for the winter just because you aren’t able to use it. So in South Florida, West Florida, Central Florida and North Florida cold is no pool at all but you still get the bill every month. Home owners in Florida purchase homes with swimming pools thinking they will be able to swim all year long. What they discover, quickly, is that the cost of the pool is in the mortgage, the taxes, the utility bill, the insurance, the maintenance all for only a few months of real enjoyment.

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