Solar Water Heating For Homes


One of the most costly appliances in the average home is the electric water heating system. In many homes the water heating system can be the second highest energy cost. Switching to solar water heating can dramatically reduce your overall energy bill.

Most of the time we don’t think about our water heater because it is typically out of site out of mind. By locating a water heater a garage or utility closet we simply forget it is there until there is a problem like a leaking water heater. Your water heater is always turned on and ready and we typically don’t turn off the water heater when we get out of the shower or finish the laundry.

Reducing your energy bill  with solar water heating can start immediately and there are incentives and financing available to help you.

Hot water is one our basic needs, it is a “have to have” but now with solar water heating, you no longer have to pay for it. Solar water heating systems can save you approximately 30% on your current electric bill.

Abundant Energy offers sustainable energy solutions such as solar water heating that will help you lower your utility bill by reducing your energy use which will also lead to helping the environment.


Solar Water Heating Systems:


Since the early 1900′s home owners all over the world have been using solar water heating to provide their domestic water heating needs with little to no maintenance.


Nearly any home can be retrofitted with a solar water heating system to begin saving money and reducing carbon quickly. With most solar water heating systems there are very little to no moving parts.


Once installed there is no fuel to fill up, no bill to pay and no resources to dig out of the ground to make it work. It just wakes up every morning and goes to sleep at night, for a really long time.


Just like a home is a long term investment, solar water heating is a long term investment with an extremely lucrative return for it’s owner. Just think every time the utility raises rates they are giving you more savings! Plus, to help you out the US Federal Government supplies a tax credit and many states supply rebates.