The Solar Panel Loan Agreement has changed the way people think about solar. Now you can buy solar power from AbundantEnergy with a low payment each month just like paying your utility bill. That means you get the benefit of clean, reliable solar energy as an alternative to what your power company currently provides. Your electric bill goes down but your power does not.

Low Up Front Cost

AbundantEnergy will install your system for you with no money out of pocket. Yes it’s that easy for most customers.

Start Saving Immediately, Monthly

The  Solar Panel Loan Agreement or AbundantLoan provides you the security to know that each month a large portion of your energy payment is going toward an important financial goal, energy security. With no money out of your pocket for installation and a low fixed monthly payment you start saving from Day 1. Pay each month for solar power system and save.

Just like when you purchased your home and gave up renting. Ownership provides financial security and is an asset not a liability.

Your monthly payment also can exclude all of your incentives that you qualify for. Incentives such as federal tax credits for solar power, state tax credits for solar power or local solar utility rebates can be excluded from your monthly payment. This means a simple easy to understand solar panel loan payment.

Lock In and Save Every Year

The AbundantLoan is a  Solar Panel Loan Agreement with a fixed monthly payment with a fixed low interest rate. As your local utility is approved for rate increases you’re locked in monthly solar payment saves you more and more each year. Locking in your electric rates is as smart as locking in your payment on your mortgage. With easy fixed, payments each month at the lowest rates, your budget is predictable and will no longer be strained by utility rate increases.

Intelligent Investing

The AbundantLoan, Solar Panel Loan, is like an automatic savings account. Each month you are paying your energy bill like normal except with equity you are saving. Our high quality systems are known to retain their value and performance decades after the systems paid off.

You can almost guarantee safe, tax free returns on your money of higher than 5-10% for the life of your system.

With the AbundantLoan, Solar Panel Loan, any time you want you can pay off your loan without penalty.

If you ever want to upgrade your solar system we can refinance your loan or even offer you a trade in for your old panels.

Financing Eligibility

Our financing terms vary by location. Not all programs are available in every location we service. To find out if you qualify for our financing programs simply request a free energy consultation.