The AbundantLease has changed the way people invest in solar. Now you can get AbundantEnergy the same way you buy energy from your local utility company, with a low monthly payment through a solar panel lease agreement. That means you get the benefit of clean, reliable solar energy with a lower alternative payment to what your power company currently offers. Your energy bill goes down but your power does not.

No Up Front Cost

AbundantEnergy will install your system for you with no money out of pocket for most customers and as little as $500.00 for others. Yes it’s that easy for most customers.

solar leaseStart Saving Immediately, Monthly

The AbundantLease provides you instant payback on your investment. With little to no money out of your pocket for installation and low fixed monthly payment you start saving from Day 1. Pay each month for solar power with a Solar Panel Lease from AbundnatEnergy

Just like your automobile or business equipment. Instead of purchasing it, lease it.

Lock In and Save Every Year

As your local utility is approved for rate increases you’re locked in monthly solar payment saves you more and more each year. Locking in your electric rates is as smart as locking in your payment on your mortgage. With easy fixed, payments each month at the lowest rates, your budget is predictable and will no longer be strained by utility rate increases. The Solar Panel Lease is smart and simple.

Piece of Mind Service

Not only do we install your system for Free we also maintain in, insure it and monitor it. All for free.

Option to Buy, Upgrades or Home Sales… Not a Problem!

With the AbundantLease, you can pay your Solar Panel Lease up front and eliminate your monthly payments or just pay your Solar Panel Lease in full at any time.

You can upgrade your system at the end of your agreement to the latest solar technology or just simply extend the agreement. If you just want to have the solar panels removed, that’s ok too. We’ll do it for free.

You can transfer your AbundantLease to the new owners of your home if you happen to sell during your agreement term or just simply pay off the system with the proceeds of your home sale if that is an option.

No Maintenance or Warranty Issues

That’s right. With a Solar Panel Lease Agreement from AbundantEnergy, we will maintain all of the warranties and equipment that come along with the solar power system for your home. That means you do not have to worry about replacing the inverter or worrying about repairing broken solar panels. AbundantEnergy will maintain all of the equipment through your Solar Panel Lease so your system will continue producing power and you can continue saving money!

Smart Alternative to Purchasing

An AbundantLease is a smart alternative to purchasing your solar system outright in some situations. Using the AbundantLease you avoid the upfront costs like permitting, engineering and design that usually add to your investment and increase your recovery time and your traditional monthly payments. By taking advantage of an AbundantLease you get the benefit of lower payments, no maintenance and the ability to transfer ownership at the time you sell your home.

What is a Solar Panel Lease?

A Lease is an agreement to rent you solar power equipment at a low monthly fixed payment for a period of years into the future. The monthly payment options are fixed and in some case have an annual increase just like a utility rate, however that rate is predetermined at the time you sign the agreement so you know what your payments will be through out the term, no surprises.

AbundantLease customers a fixed monthly payment for the use of their solar energy equipment and all of its components no matter how much energy is generated, with one exception, we guarantee it. If your system makes less energy than what we predict based on your agreement, we will pay you! You do not pay for the installation, the solar panels or any other equipment associated with the system, the monitoring or any of the on going maintenance that typically comes with traditional ownership.

How is a Lease different from a PPA?

AbundantEnergy offers both types of financial service, but yes they are different. Leases offer you a monthly payment linked to the rental of your equipment such as Solar Panels, Inverters and Monitoring where a PPA you pay for just the energy that is created monthly. The availability of both the AbundantLease and AbundantPPA vary based on your service location, sometimes state laws and utility preferences.

Financing Eligibility

Our financing terms vary by location. Not all programs are available in every location we service. To find out if you qualify for our financing programs simply request a free energy consultation.