Solar Panel Installation

AbundantEnergy provides all of the services necessary for your Solar Panel Installation project to make your investment in solar energy turn-key. We provide you everything you need to make the transition to powering your home with solar power. Throughout your entire Solar Panel Installation project we will personally oversee each individual step. You will be assigned a project manager who you can communicate with directly to ensure all of your needs are met and your homes solar power project is completed with 100% satisfaction. From paper to production our engineering and installation teams are the most experienced in the industry when installing solar energy systems on homes.

Your Home, Your Custom Design

Our in-house engineering team will custom design you solar energy system based on your home’s specific architectural, structural and electrical or plumbing needs. This makes Solar Panel Installation easy, safe and worry free.

solar panel installation

AbundantEnergy professionals will complete a full engineering analysis of your home including shading cause by trees or other homes, structural needs, electrical and plumbing specifications. With all of this custom data we can then produce a full set of plans for your Solar Panel Installation which AbundantEnergy will submit to your local building authority as well as architectural renderings to be provided to your home owners association for the proper approvals.

home solar panel installation


Superior Solar Panel Installation

AbundantEnergy’s teams of solar installers undergo rigorous on the job training as well as continuing education and have the most experience installing rooftop solar panels in the industry. Thousands of home owners have trusted AbundantEnergy with their Solar Panel Installation projects and we consistently work with over 200 local building departments designing residential solar power systems.

Once the construction of your solar energy system is completed, AbundantEnergy will work with your building authority to schedule inspections to certify and confirm that your installation has been completed to the high standards of the local building codes, electrical codes and is safe to operate under utility interconnection standards.

Project Coordination

AbundantEnergy’s customer care team and project coordination staff is there to help ensure that your project runs smoothly. We will internally manage all of the communication between our engineering and design teams, installation teams as well as all of the building inspectors and provide you with quality information throughout each step of the way.