Solar Battery Backup Power Systems


Is your refrigerator running?

With an AbundantStore solar backup power system connected to your high performance AbundantEnergy solar system you can be sure you won’t be without lights or cold food during and emergency outage.

Our new battery technology is a great add on to your existing solar energy system and it qualifies for federal tax credits just like when you bought your solar system.

Safe, Instant and Silent Power

solar-power-battery-backupWith AbundantStore you do not have the same safety concerns of the traditional back up power generator.

Safe – High quality sealed batteries used in AbundantStore solar battery backup power systems need no ventilation or tricky maintenance. Traditional gasoline or LP generators require open space for safe fume ventilation to keep unsafe gasses like carbon monoxide from entering your home.

Instant Power – Within a few milliseconds your AbundantStore solar battery backup power system is deployed into action without the need to throw complicated switches, disconnect systems or pull a start cord.

Silent Power – AbundantStore will provide solar battery backup power for your lights, refrigerator, cell phone chargers and televisions long into the night and into the next morning without keeping you or your neighbors awake or your children up at night. If you lose power in the middle of the night due to an accident, power generation failure, you can feel confident your alarm clock will wake you up the next morning not the sound of your gas generator kicking on.

Long Term – AbundantStore solar battery backup power batteries require no maintenance and offer the long term performance with the piece of mind knowing your home is safe and secure during an outage.

Expandable – As your energy needs grow or solar battery backup power needs change you can easily add more solar battery backup storage to your home system to power even more demanding loads. You can even provide solar battery backup power to your Air Conditioner.