Grid Tied Solar Electric Power

To see how solar panels work for your home, take a look at the graphic below. This diagram explains how solar panels work to make electricity directly from sunlight and to deliver clean renewable solar energy to your home. You will also notice that the infographic does not describe how solar panels work with batteries. That is because most solar power systems installed on homes today work without the addition of batteries.



1. Solar Modules

Solar modules mounted on the roof or grounds of your property convert sunlight into DC power.

2. Inverter

This power is sent to a device called an inverter (or power converter) which converts the DC power from the solar modules to AC power identical to that being sent to you from the utility grid.

3. Electrical Panel

Power travels from the inverter to your electrical service panel (your breaker box). The power from the electrical panel will be distributed to any electrical loads in your home.

4. Utility Meter

When excess power is produced by the solar, the power will flow into the grid through your electric meter. This will cause your meter to run backwards gaining you a credit with the utility company.