You’ve heard the buzz about solar energy and your thinking about taking the next step toward installing solar power on your home and Get a Solar Panel Quote. Abundant Energy has made the process to Get a Solar Panel Quote and installing solar power and other services for your home simple, accurate and straightforward. Abundant Energy has helped over 12,000 homeowners install solar panels in Florida and New Jersey, we’re here for the long run. Get a Solar Quote, it’s easy.

How We Work to Get a Solar Panel Quote to You

Get a Solar Panel Quote for my home

Step 1 – Initial Phone Consultation

Contact us to get the process started either by phone or through one of our Get a Solar Panel Quote web forms to the right. A highly qualified representative of Abundant Energy will ask you a few questions about your home and your needs. You will probably have some quick questions for us as well. Our representative will also ask you to gather your last 12 months of energy bills if you have lived in the home for over 1 year.  After your initial phone consultation we will then schedule a specialty appointment to meet with you and perform a solar energy site assessment at your home. No need to come out to our office to Get a Solar Panel Quote. We also have in store events at your local Home Depot to Get a Solar Panel Quote to you.


Get a Solar Panel Quote for my home

Step 2 – Solar Energy Site Visit Consultation

One of our fully trained energy specialists will arrive at your home and discuss the options that are available to you including options like our  solar energy loan, solar power purchase agreement and solar lease options. In addition we will also help you understand the additional Solar Energy Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates that may be available to you in your area.



Get a Solar Panel Quote for my home

Step 3 – Written Proposal

We want to make it easy for you to Get a Solar Panel Quote that is written and comprehensive. During your initial consultation we will do a lot of talking to better understand your home and your energy needs. We have a lot of special guarantees and warranty’s that we stand behind as do the manufacturers of the solar panels. Once you have made your decision on what products and services from Abundant Energy will best suit your energy needs our Energy Specialist will present you with a comprehensive written proposal that describes all of these items. The proposal will provide you in detail what solar energy products you are getting and a written price guarantee. Remember, if it’s not in writing it is not in the proposal.

Get a Solar Panel Quote for my home

Step 4 – Solar Panel Installation Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Once you Get a Solar Panel Quote and have agree to move forward with your solar panel installation and  you are approved for financing and your rebates have been secured you will be turned over to your solar installation project manager. A this point our Engineering department and Operations department take over. You will be given access to our customer portal so you will have 24 hour support in knowing that your solar energy system is being, designed, permitted and prepared for installation.

Get a Solar Panel Installation

Step 5 – Solar Panel Installation

Upon receiving the approval to proceed with your installation from your local building department or municipality Abundant Energy and our installers with ISPQ-accredited technical training, will begin and finish your installation. In addition we will provide you with a detailed explanation and instructions of how your system works.


Get a Solar Panel Quote for my home

Step 6 – Start Saving Money and Tell Your Friends

You begin telling all of your friends, family members and co-workers about your experience and take full advantage of our customer referral program as well as enjoy the long term benefits of solar energy for your home!