A commercial solar swimming pool heater uses your existing pump or a booster pump to circulate the water in your pool through the solar panels. During the normal solar day and filtration typically mandated by the Health Department the automatic control then senses when sufficient energy is available from the sun to provide heat for the swimming pool.

Changes in the sun’s energy or the water temperature is relayed to an automatic diverter valve. The automatic diverter valve then re-directs the pool water to the solar collectors, when sufficient energy is available, or bypasses them when heat is not needed.

The water is efficiently heated by the solar collectors as it flows through the individual channels in the solar collector. The water then flows back into your pool through the existing return lines at your desired temperature. Solar Pool Heating panels can be mounted either on a roof or a ground rack.

For commercial solar swimming pool heaters the benefits can be seen extremely quickly and reduce your fossil fuel costs tremendously. Abundant Energy Inc. can provide you with a full site analysis and solar compatibility survey for you to present to your board of directors.