Every community loves to have a heated swimming pool during the winter months, especially when many of our guests or transient residents come down for cooler climates. This luxury does not come without cost. Communities, condo’s and public swimming pool managers spend on average twenty to fifty thousand dollars per season heating their pools.

Keep Association Rates from Rising

A solar energy system can easily offset 50% or more of those costs delivering exceptional ROI to owners and stakeholders. Once the system is paid for community managers are able to allocate that additional savings back in to community budgets where it is so desperately needed.

Invest for the Future

The more space you have for solar energy or premium equipment the better your returns will be for the life of the community. AbundantEnergy commercial solar pool heating systems offer the longest warranty in business so you will know that your investment is safe. Patented designs and engineering ensure that your investment is also protected against the high winds of Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns.

Develop a Winning Strategy

AbundantEnergy makes investing in solar energy for your community pool simple to understand for all stake holders and community members. If you sit on a board or committee, we will give you all the tools to help your members understand if solar energy for your pool is the right decision or not.