Their are a number of obvious benefits to investing in solar water heating. Of course saving money is the first to many people, so we can save that for last.

Benefit #1: Environmental

In the United States nearly 50% of the electricity used / generated is produced by burning coal. The other 49.3% is made up of other non-renewable resources such as Natural Gas, Nuclear, Hydro and a very little amount of Oil.

In order to generate 1kwH (what you buy on your electric bill), we need to mine and ore 1 pound of coal. The average electric hot water heating system will us around 400-600kwH per month in Florida.

A solar water heater can save ton’s of coal from being removed from mountains each year. (Get Educated Tip: Read about mountain top removal)

Benefit #2: Health

If the teacher will allow, ask your children to do an anonymous poll to see how many children have asthma in the classroom. You will find the number astounding. More children today have respiratory problems related to air quality in the United States and Globally than ever before. This is a direct affect of burning coal.(Need help with your poll, ask us for a kit)

Also, 45 of 50 States in the US have posted warnings regarding the levels of mercury (as a result of coal burning) found in fish are unsafe to consume.

Solar Water Heating, if one person at a time makes the effort will effectively reduce the amount of coal and smog pollution emitted into the air.

Benefit #3: More Hot Water

Businesses must keep their water at temperatures regulated to kill bacteria. Hotels, Laundry’s and Restaurants all must comply with these standards. Even car washes tend to use hot water to be free of bacterial contamination of their workers and your automobile. Statistically, many home owners are told by nearly everyone from parents to handymen to turn down their water heater to save money. As businesses we know that this cannot be the case. Solar water heating for your business offers hotter water and a lot more of it.

Solar Water heating will give you hotter, more sanitary water for free.

Benefit #4: Tax Benefits & Rebates

Commercial properties and businesses may be able to take advantage of the 30% investment tax credit to help offset the actual net cost of their solar water heating system. The state of Florida also offers rebates and some local utilities and municipalities are even supporting the process by kicking in some money to help you buy your solar water heating system.

Benefit #5: Save Money!

The immediate reduction in Kilowatt Hours to your utility bill will immediately impact the amount that you pay, forever. For years people have tried to save money a number of different ways, buying a home, 401k, IRA or other investments but they still accept the idea of paying the bills, especially the electric bill.

You now have an easy choice, buy more electricity, when rates go up you can pay for that, or choose to use renewable solar water heating.

With the tax incentives, state rebates and energy savings solar water heating systems more than pay for themselves very quickly.

If you are a business or building owner who uses a little, or a lot of water Abundant Energy Inc offers a turnkey simple process to help you get started using solar immediately. We also offer extremely generous financing terms.