Commercial Energy Services by AbundantEnergy®

The Most Trusted Source for Solar Energy Services

Most Business owners know that making capital improvements to your business can be difficult, can be time consuming and costly. When it comes to business, finding the right partner with professional experience matters. AbundantEnergy provides high quality energy improvements, we offer you the same long term vision we have with our business to help power yours, save energy, lower your carbon footprint and save money.

Tomorrow’s Energy, Solutions Today®

Ask any home or business owner about the future of energy and they will say solar is definitely the way to go but yet so many think that the future is so many years away. AbundantEnergy says the future is now, Tomorrows energy, Solutions Today. By providing the highest quality solar energy packaged with energy efficiency AbundantEnergy makes solar energy affordable for the long term. Never worry about rising electric rates again.


Solar Electricity

Your business needs reliable energy you can count on. AbundantEnergy can provide you with a solar energy system that provides just that. A solar energy system for your business that meets your investment standards, performs reliably, hits target ROI’s and provides you with the “green” initatives that your employees and customers will respect. You can choose from a traditional capital purchase or lucrative solar energy lease or power purchase agreement to limit your cash outlay.

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Solar Water Heating

High demands for domestic hot water are a drain on your company’s finances. Offset your high demands for natual/LP gas or electricity with a solar water heating system from AbundantEnergy. Solar Water Heating uses the suns energy to create piping hot water for your business to use and our large storage capacity makes having enough hot water a priority for your business needs.

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Commercial Pool Solar

As a manager or director of a large community or even a member you see your swimming pool heating budget skyrocketing every time the price of natural gas / LP or Electricity changes. Stop spending tens of thousands of dollars each year for heat for just a few home owners or members and start saving with solar pool heating. AbundantEnergy offers design services and consultations to communities and managers at no charge to help you move in the right direction and see if solar is right for your community before you bring it to a vote. Stop wasting time and money and start the solar process now.