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Solar Pool Heating

 Over the last 20 years we have compiled and examined our data, the fact is, our customers helped us determine that the majority can tolerate swimming in temperatures around 80 degrees, but are comfortable when the water is much warmer.

In fact, warmer pool temperatures always seem to be missing in an unheated pool right after the winter season when the air temperature outside begins to rise and the pool temperature stays cold.

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Solar Electricity

 Abundant Energy is a diversified solar energy company that designs, installs and maintains all types of solar energy systems in South Florida where our corporate headquarters is located as well as other major cities in Florida.

If selling electric power back to your Utility Provider sounds interesting to you, get started now by following the link below that relates to your particular application.

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Solar Water Heating

 Solar Domestic Water Heating is the fastest and easiest way to start saving money and doing something good for the environment with solar energy. Florida solar water heating owners are capable of reducing their dependency on electric and gas by nearly 100%, especially in areas south of Orlando, Florida. The result is a dramatically reduced electric bill an average of 30-50% There are several rebates still available for solar water heating, FPL and the Federal Government will help reduce your total investment by almost 50%

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For the last 30 years Abundant Energy has been providing it’s Florida customers high quality solar energy installations and world class service. We have specialized divisions in both residential and commercial solar applications and a full service department dedicated to serve you better, if and when you need it. We are family owned and operated offering you the highest quality products and service with personal service. Each of our employees takes pride in our company and are held accountable to the quality of work and service given to each customer. Our personal service commitment to high quality solar installations comes directly from ownership to you through our employees. We minimize the use of subcontractors and always hold all accountability at a corporate level. No matter what your needs, simply looking to extend your swim season with a solar pool heating system or to power your entire commercial building with a solar electricity system. Abundant Energy can provide you with world class installation and customer experience from first interview to 30 years of reliable service.